Body/Mind/Spirit Integrative Health Education Groups:

a weekday evening or weekend when enough people have committed to paticipate.

Participants learn and practice a variety of mind-body techniques to increase self-awareness, reduce stress, increase immunity, and re energize the Self! We also have some fun learning to bend spoons, "bust" clouds, and sweeten juices!integrative-health

These training groups are appropriate for persons interested in proactively fostering health and happiness as well as those experiencing emotional distress or chronic illnesses. Groups involve an introduction to various body/mind techniques such as biofeedback and relaxation, meditation and prayer, bio energetic exercise (Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga), sacred geometry, nutrition and cellular biology, music and artistic expression, relationships and support, and the effects of consciousness and belief on co-creating health and abundance. Each participant will complete the program having developed a Personal, Conscious Integrative Health Plan.

BODY/MIND ENERGETIC LEARNING is based both on the wisdom of ancient healing traditions and modern psychoneuroimmunology, in which mysticism and science are co-creating a new, sacred healing art. While emotions link the mind and the body, the Source behind these patterns is energetic and Spiritual. Healing and high level wellness occurs energetically as transformative repatterning and alignment with higher energies in physical, mental and transpersonal dimensions.

Contact Geoff to sign up for the next evening or weekend group being scheduled. Couples are encouraged to take the course together!