Meditation Circle

Periodically by announcement, or see the calendar of events.

Learn and practice meditation through teaching, meditating, and questioning.

Meditation is not religion, meditation is meditation. Learn to meditate through the use of a variety of symbols & techniques taken from various religions and ancient mystical practices, which have been adapted for use in contemporary lifestyles. Meditations referred to as "healing meditations" represent a non- medical use of the term. Experienced meditators report improved physical, mental & emotional states of being, which promote deeper and broader awareness of one's connections to a higher, collective consciousness.

The ultimate and absolute aim of meditation is direct apperception of Truth characterized by a silent mind, which is known by many names but may perhaps best be described as Self/No-Self, and is a very rare attainment. In the meantime there is value in learning and practicing some of the knowledge and methods that humankind has come to know and use for the benefit of themselves and others from antiquity and into the present.


Meditation has been proven to be of great benefit for individuals as well as the collective. Hundreds of studies have been published in scientific journals concluding that when 1/10th to 1% of the population is meditating, the quality of life improves for everyone. Crime, violence, war, illness, and all the other byproducts of accumulated social stress decreases. The Princeton University Global Consciousness Project has also scientifically validated this phenomenon with their measurements of several large events of focused consciousness. The positive influence of mass meditation is proven and profound, and the simplest and singular most powerful activity we can do to positively impact the present and future evolution of consciousness.

Research is currently being done that documents significant, replicable shifts in brain activity and function, reducing overactivity of primitive brain centers and increased activity in integrative consciousness centers giving scientific credibility to the ancient Mudra: "May All Beings Be Happy!"

The days pass and are gone, and one finds that he never once had time to really think .... One who does not meditate cannot have wisdom. In truth, the one thing man is afraid of is within himself, and the one thing he craves is within himself. (Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav)

Directions for Newcomers: If you wish to come a little early to make yourself comfortable there is tea in the kitchen and a bathroom available. Please try to be on time but if you cannot, that is OK, too. Just come in and quietly take a seat in the circle. You may choose to remove a chair and place a pillow for sitting. You may bring your own or there are pillows and blankets on the table at the bottom of the stairs. This is also where the donation basket resides should you wish to contribute for refreshments and supplies.

"Ritual" is minimal. A Candle is lit when instruction begins, and a bell is sounded to begin and end the meditation. Please respect the silence during these periods. There will be a limited time for questions after the bell tones the end of the meditation. Socializing is welcome after group officially ends. Please be aware that the teacher will be returning to a counseling practice upstairs and be mindful of loud disruptions.