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KINDRED SPIRITS is not the name of a band, but represents the communion among musicians and audience, a state of consciousness!

LaVerne, Geoff & Sally

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Please come out to see us whenever you can, tell all of your friends, and join us in celebrating the sounds of Celtic Music in the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Valley!

Traditional Scottish and Irish Tunes!     

In ancient Irish mythology, music was thought of as comprising an emotional triad - music for happiness, music for sadness, and music for dreaming and meditation. The old Celtic music-makers were more than just musicians, and were considered to be guides for souls into other worlds. "Anam" is the Gaelic word for Soul, and "Cara" is friend. So "anam cara" in the Celtic world was a soul friend.

The genius of the Celtic culture is in its unitive nature. There is no divide between body and mind, self and spirit, wo/man and nature, person and God.  "There is no cage that can confine the movements of divine light as it flows from one to the other," writes John O'Donohue, an Irish priest, poet and Hegelian scholar. (In Touch, the Centerpoint magazine, copyright December, 2000.)

We are pleased to carry this ancient tradition into the new millennium.

Musicians come and go, so the latest incarnation is fresh and new, full of surprises. The first grouping in this century included Sally Seabright on Violin, Viola, Mandolin, Cello, and Pennywhistle; Geoff Byrd on Guitars, Trumpet, Pennywhistle, Scottish Highland Pipes, and Djembe; and Deirdre Cochren on Hammered Dulcimer, Concertina, Buttonbox, Pennywhistle, Bodhran and Spoons. Then came Matt Cook on Uilleann Pipes, Irish Flute, and Pennywhistles. When Matt returned to New England we were joined by Laverne Sargent on Flutes and Whistles as well as Tim McDow on Scottish Highland Pipes, Trumpet, Djembe, and Rainstick!

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Wedding and Chamber Music!                
Various folk ensembles!
Geoff, Deirdre & Sally                                           Geoff, Matt & Sally


Geoff on Highland  Pipes, Matt on Flute

Tim McDow with Scottish Highland Pipes

   Geoff, Zena & Judy jam with PVC Pipe Band!       Longbranch Balloon Festivals, Park Concerts & Renaissance Festivals!        If the Celts would'a had Djembes theyd'a used'em!                  

The full wedding band

"Bottom O' The Punchbowl"

Winchester, Virginia    Call Sally at 540/667-1933 or Geoff at 540/678-8530

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