The C.G. Jung Center of Winchester was established in 1988 by Geoff and Joyce Byrd as a place for practicing the transformative and imaginative creative arts.

The purpose of the center is to offer counseling and educational programs for creative expression of the Self, Consciousness and the mysteries of the human Soul, personal enrichment and relational enhancement, psycho-spiritual development, and perhaps even Conscious Self Realization and Spiritual Enlightenment.tree

Optimal psychological health and wisdom - compassionate, loving and intimate relationships - peaceful and harmonious living for the benefit of all beings - are all inherent aspects of the fully awakened State. Self Realization is a state of consciousness, which is available to any of us in any place and at any time.

We are living in a most remarkable time, THE most significant era in the entire history of the human race.

The Transformation is not coming, it is here! This is very Good News!

We encourage you to waste no time in individually and collectively pursuing consciousness development and spiritual awaking in whatever way you are called!

May all Beings have Peace.